Seven Mindsets Of Success

7 Mindsets
of Success

By Sten Morgan

7 Mindsets of Success
What you really need to do to achieve
Rapid, Top-Level Success.

The Advisor’s

By Sten Morgan

The Advisor’s Handbook

This video course is specifically designed for advisors who are ready to take their business to the next level.

I’ll share with you all of my tools and tactics of the trade AND how I started a business from scratch and turned it into a top-level financial firm three years later.

Seven Mindsets Of Success

Sten is a financial advisor based in Franklin, Tennesee. He’s built his own, successful business in just three years and has developed the formula for Rapid, Top-Level Success.

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Success takes intentionality and hard work, but results can often be expedited by doing the right things. Use the following tips and strategies to be 10X more profitable this year. 

How I Created a Successful Company In Just Three Years

When I was 23 years old, I was joint managing over 200 million dollars of assets for a large financial advisement firm. It was the dream job for someone my age, fresh out of college. While I was making enough money and comfortable with my responsibilities, something...
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Do Your Circumstances Affect Your Success?

There are two types of circumstances: those you can control and those you can't. The way you view these two types of circumstances, and especially your mindset for approaching the circumstances you can’t control, directly affects your threshold for success. I could...
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10 Hacks to Revolutionize Your Success

I believe that success first takes intentionality and hard work, but I have found that by doing the right things, results can often be expedited. In business, it's the small things that can separate you from your competition. Those little extras that create trust...
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